The world of fruit is
an ongoing journey

We do things differently! As a forward-thinking marketing company, we pride ourselves on pioneering change within the industry for the better. We view significant challenges on the horizon, compelling us to embrace essential innovation.
Breaking free from the traditional business norms and venturing off the beaten path. Outcome? Fruit will get a better taste and the supply chain is ready for the future!


Arno Rozema

Founder | Creative director

Arno Rozema is the driving force behind VineVisuals. His journey into the world of fruit imports started in 2007 as a trader. In 2011, Arno ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing his own marketing and design agency.

Subsequently, in 2016, he expanded the agency's offerings to include video content, which swiftly evolved into a pivotal component of fresh produce communication.

Fast forward to 2023, Arno's vision with VineVisuals is to make a more impact by leveraging its wealth of knowledge and experience to craft innovative concepts for clients across the entire fruit supply chain.

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